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Frequently Asked Questions

How might we work together? can fill the role as an executive, a partner, an advisor, or purely as an agency, available both full-time and in a fractional capacity. We provide concept-to-launch and optimization services for partners that have needs related to product revenue growth.

Do you architect physical or digital products?

Both Our team has architected living spaces, renovated buildings, designed alley-way vertical greenhouses, productized data science and ML, built data pipelines, and many mobile applications. The projects we enjoy most combine a physical and digital element to them.

Who is on team and who will be on my project?

The team structure varies as industry specialists will be required dependent on the goal at hand. Projects vary from 1 person teams all the way through to 8 person teams dependent on scope, goal, and timeline. For example, some projects require a data scientist, while others require an industrial designer. Each project has a Lead Implementer that ensures project success. collaborates with the existing client team and augments with specialists as required.

How do I know that is the right partner for my project?

By inquiring. Drop a line in our contact form with a brief message about your project or goal and we can let you know if we're the right fit.

Does work on small or large projects?

Both. We are an agile and efficient group that enjoys both big and small projects. We find that success is not about the number of people on the team, but rather how efficient the teams resources can be.

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