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Clients & Projects

mePrism | SaaS | Data Marketplace | Data Pipelines | B2B | B2C | Concept to Launch | Product Market

mePrism Inc.

Ideated, designed, and developed multiple patents including concepts of a Data Score and Data Marketplace, automating the first ever sale of a human virtual footprint, consented, and agreed upon by the human seller in exchange for USD to a users bank account. Built data compliance tools, implemented NLP algorithms including sentiment analysis, and novel data ingestion process for users to retrieve and store their data in their Data Bank from multiple sources across the internet, available in the iOS App Store.

Under Armour | VC | Product Development | Early Stage | NFL | GE | Product Market Fit | Corporate Gr

Under Armour, the NFL, and GE

Guided investments for the Head Health Challenge in the joint venture between UA, the NFL, and GE dedicated to reducing traumatic brain injuries globally. Built out a system for sourcing investments as well as a criteria guide for assessing the investments that were sourced. Prototyped a "Head Health, Brain Game" in partnership with Fit Brains.

Nurosene Health Inc. | IPO in Canada | CSE: AIAI | Product Optimization | Product Growth | Mobile |

Nurosene Health Inc.

Revamped iOS and Android in 2 weeks to clear all “show-stopping” bugs & re-deploy to production, devised a security and data compliance plan, hired new engineering team, developed new software architecture to warehouse health data (incorporating HIPAA compliance), reported on all user-centric data through Firebase Analytics, and redesigned the future of the Nuro App

Startup | Founder | Bootstrap | Lean | Maximum Valuable Product | Minimum Valuable Product | Product

Yogo Inc.

Built the first version of Yogo Life in 4 days as a team of 2. Yogo Inc. is building the future of people and places. Yogo is a social network, map, and memory capture application that can be downloaded in the iOS App Store.

AMEX | Corporate Growth | Innovation | Corporate Innovation | Revenue Growth | Multivariate Testing

American Express

Increased monthly reoccurring by over $1 monthly and conversion rates by 22% through A/B testing with initiatives such as “Click to Chat”, progress markers, copy changes, and button color optimizations for SMEs interested in Gold and Platinum credit products

Oysterhead Pizza ecto blk bg.jpg

Oysterhead Pizza Co.

Designed and launched a wood-fired pizza and kitchen landing page to help a local small business owner go from no digital presence to a clear digital presence that represents their core "calls to action" for their customers, including: viewing the menu, hours of operation, calling in an order, and more. I did this out of passion for all-things wood-fired and pizza.

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